Measures our company is taking to minimise any negative environmental consequences resulting from normal operations.

Protecting vital resources is the core of our purpose. We promote environmental responsibility through our operations by setting goals and holding ourselves accountable through self-auditing for continuous operational improvements.

We source only the best suppliers and dispensing equipment from the most highly recognized eco-friendly companies in the industry.

Environmental best practices are an integral part of our valet and hotel laundry services. Reducing our energy usage allows us to deliver numerous cost savings and quality improvement benefits to our clients. Lawrence uses only the best clean/green solutions to minimise any negative environmental impacts from our day to day operations. Trade waste samples are monitored and taken by Aecom, which extract regulated testing samples every 22 days to ensure we are industry compliant. We also engage the services of water quality and chemical-auditing companies to maintain our water and detergent ratios providing the correct whiteness and softness is maintained on all items processed.

  • Green compliant.
  • Progressive hotels are meeting the needs of ecology-minded customers with GreenEarth’s environmentally safe process.
  • Noticeably better quality.

GreenEarth does more than protect the earth; it protects the quality of the garments it cleans. Our process utilises a cleaning chemistry that is scientifically better for fabrics. Your guests will appreciate how much fresher, brighter and whiter their dry cleaning looks, not to mention how much smoother and silkier they feel.

No harsh agents and most of all No odour.

One of the most important things discriminating customers notice about GreenEarth is what’s missing; that tell-tale dry cleaning smell. GreenEarth is not petroleum-based like most dry cleaning fluids; it is entirely odourless. So clothes smell clean, not dry cleaned.

Additives Usage

A priority for our commercial laundry and dry-cleaning services is to make sure linen and garments are clean and hygienic when returned to the customer. To achieve this, we have taken the following steps:

  • Approved non-hazardous detergents and additives developed for use with the GreenEarth Cleaning system.
  • Our additive suppliers have been entrusted to ensure that supplies are in line with our eco- efficient statement with ongoing communications with their eco team.
  • Eliminate hazardous waste through use of environmentally non-toxic, non-hazardous GreenEarth silicone and approved detergents and additives for use in our Eco Dry Cleaning Machines.
  • We always ensure that we store, handle and dispose of perchloroethylene (PERC) and its wastes properly by using a certified company tax-free.