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Quality & Customer Service

Measures Lawrence Take to Eliminate the Risk of Linen Running Out of Stock

Lawrence always maintains a minimum of 5 par of rental linen per customer to ensure there is enough stock to see a hotel through high occupancy & Public Holiday requirements. At Lawrence, our trained staff are conscious that stock can sometimes be deleted from the linen pool because stubborn stains cannot be taken out. A result of this can sometimes mean that the stock holdings for that property will be out. We make sure to include counting stock in the hotel pantries to ensure we are on top of any discrepancies in stock level. In our storage facility, we carry large volumes of standby stock to make sure that we can inject new linen on a regular basis. We also stay in close contact with our linen suppliers and keep them up to speed on our stockcount to maintain a consistent supply on hand should there be a need.

Management of Lawrence Rental Linen

Lawrence caters for any brand of hotel; we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality rental linen and towelling. We provide 100% Cotton Pillow Cases; linen is cotton rich 60/40 – 50/50 –75/25 or 80/20 with the highest commercial thread count to meet our customers’ brand. Lawrence works closely with housekeeping to provide them with exactly the right amount of stock prior to high occupancy or Public Holidays. We don’t wish to overload their dock with too much linen, or leave them short. Within a COG environment, some hotels’ linen and towelling stock may run out, slowing down the time to put their rooms back online.

Lawrence works closely with your housekeeping department to maintain the correct stock items. Should there be any adjustments to your room configuration, we will source all relevant information from housekeeping to make sure any necessary changes of stock will be managed.

Management of Damaged Linen (COG)

During the daily washing service, we monitor any damaged linen that may arrive at our laundry. We then document the total number of items and sizes and inform the hotel of the total quantity of reject linen that we counted during that day. When completed, this stock is then returned to the housekeeping department for sign off by a senior member of the hotel team. We want to ensure that the stockcount numbers remain accurate from both the hotel side and ours.

Management of Guest Valet & Staff Uniforms

If we receive any garments that are of a concern to us, with any unfamiliar stains or clothes that may show signs of fair, wear and tear our team contacts the customer immediately to advise them of our findings. After approval, we request that they send us an email authorising us to proceed with either a specialty “Hand Finish” service or attend to any repairs that the customer may wish us to provide.

Lawrence Dry Cleaners are a Quality Endorsed Company

Quality System
Lawrence prides itself on meeting the rigorous requirements of the
ISO9001 Quality Management Standard. Our quality accredited system is ISO 9001:2015.
Lawrence are a quality endorsed company with SAI Global since 4th March 2003,
and our certification is in place until 18 December 2020.


Lawrence Dry Cleaners are Members of the DIA

At Lawrence, we believe that being affiliated with the DIA is to be recognised and rewarded
for excellence within the industry. For us, this is an important part of being a member as it
adds value and prestige to our business.

Lawrence Maintains and Guarantees the Quality of Our Linen Range and Laundry Services

We provide a 5 star rating for our linen and towelling range to our customers. We consistently monitor our quality along with our hotels by reviewing Trip Advisor feedback for their guest experience to ensure that we meet their expectations.

Our quality control staff monitor our stock each day to ensure that all stock that leaves our plant passes our highest quality standards consistently. We also engage the services of water quality and chemical-auditing companies to maintain our water and detergent ratios ensuring the correct whiteness and softness is maintained on all items processed.

Our Laundry Service Manages Your Damaged and Rewash Linen to Our Highest Quality Standards.

At Lawrence, all rewash linen is processed as soon as possible and returned to the hotel with the next delivery. We monitor all reject stock for damage and stubborn stains. Any items that cannot pass our rigorous tests will be counted, wrapped in plastic then sent to the hotel for inspection. We are then guided by the hotel if they wish to re-inject or dispose of the linen from their stockpile and stockcount. We work closely and quickly with our hotels if we find that there is a problem with an increase in the rewash or damaged linen. We collaborate to find the source of the problem before it is escalated from either the hotel or laundry side.