Workwear Laundry Services


We have an extensive range of workwear and uniforms. We know how important it is for your workwear to not just look good but to feel great whilst also meeting your workplace hygiene regulations. With Lawrence Dry Cleaners commitment to quality, you can be assured that your workwear and uniforms will be cleaned to meet those high standards, as well as HACCAP requirements.

For businesses with industrial-scale workwear requirements, we have the capacity and expertise to handle large volumes efficiently. Our workwear laundry services are designed to streamline your uniform maintenance process, saving you time and resources.


Large hotels and hospitality chains need to maintain a consistent and professional appearance among their staff. Our workwear cleaning services can keep your housekeeping, kitchen and front-of-house staff uniforms spotless and crisp. We tackle those stubborn kitchen stains with finesse, ensuring your staff always looks their best, even after the toughest shifts.

Time is of the essence in the food industry, and we get that. Our efficient processes ensure that your uniforms are returned to you promptly, so your staff is never without their professional attire.

A happy chef, a happy life! Treat your staff and bring the wow factor to your restaurant or catering by having clean uniforms to represent you and your company.


Hygiene is a must in any industry, but especially medical/pharmaceutical practice. Sit back and enjoy knowing your garments are clean, germ free and safe. Our washing machines can reach extremely high temperatures, ensuring no germs can survive.

We recognise that different healthcare facilities have unique needs. Whether you’re a large hospital, a small clinic or a pharmaceutical laboratory, we offer customised workwear laundry services to cater to your specific requirements.

Our team at Lawrence Dry Cleaners can handle the volume and diversity of uniforms typical in medical and pharmaceutical practices, ensuring that each staff member has access to clean and safe garments.


In the industrial and manufacturing sector, where garments are often exposed to oils, grease and other tough-to-remove contaminants, Lawrence Dry Cleaners is your trusted partner in restoring your clothing to their pristine condition. We use specialised detergents and techniques that effectively break down and remove contaminants without causing shrinkage or damage to the fabric.


Cross-contamination can have severe consequences in food manufacturing, potentially leading to product recalls and health hazards. We take proactive measures to prevent cross-contamination during our cleaning processes. Making sure your workers are given the right tools to build a hygienic workplace is key. Let us take care of the germs, so you don’t have to.

Lawrence Dry Cleaners is committed to maintaining the highest quality and hygiene standards. We adhere to industry-specific regulations and guidelines to ensure that your workwear is compliant with food safety requirements.

Our workwear cleaning services are designed to be efficient and convenient for your food manufacturing operation. We offer quick turnaround times, ensuring that your staff always has access to clean and safe uniforms.


Fireproof gear is designed to withstand extreme heat and provide protection in high-risk environments. Our workwear laundry services are tailored to preserve the fire-resistant properties of the gear while effectively removing contaminants.

Firefighters and individuals who rely on fireproof gear often encounter a range of contaminants, from soot and smoke residues to chemical stains. Our expertise lies in safely and effectively removing these substances to ensure the gear remains functional.


Looking to rent your uniforms as well? Lawrence Dry Cleaners have a wide range of workwear and uniforms available for rent – and we’ll clean them for you too.

Our selection includes workwear clothing suitable for various industries, whether it’s the hospitality sector, manufacturing, healthcare or any other field. We offer flexibility in terms of styles, sizes and quantities to accommodate both single-site businesses and multi-location operations.

Convenience is at the heart of our uniform rental service. We understand that your time is valuable, and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our pick-up and delivery service ensures that your uniforms are consistently cleaned, maintained and delivered to your location on schedule. You can rely on us to handle the logistics with our workwear cleaning services, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

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Lawrence Dry Cleaners is your trusted partner for all your workwear and uniform needs. Whether you operate in the industrial, culinary, medical or manufacturing sectors, our commitment to quality, hygiene and efficiency sets us apart.

If you’re in need of workwear laundry services that meet the highest standards and hygiene regulations, look no further. Our specialised industrial workwear laundry services are designed to efficiently handle large volumes, ensuring your uniforms are cleaned and returned promptly.

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