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Special Occasion Dress & Suit Dry Cleaning Services

Lawrence Dry Cleaners are experts in handling and dry cleaning delicate garments including:

  • Formal Wear
  • Year 10 & 12 Formal Gowns
  • Ballroom Dancing Gowns
  • Cocktail, After Five Dresses & Suits
  • Designer & Wedding Tuxedoes, Top Hats & Tails
  • Designer Dresses, With Embellishments Such as Silk, Sequins, Pearls & Swarovski Crystals
  • Antique Wedding Gown Cleaning & Repairs Can Also Be Carried Out


    Evening dress IllustrationWe carefully inspect all garments before cleaning; delicate garments are hand finished and processed separately from the other clothes. We use only the highest quality solvents because they are kind to embellishments and intricate lace work.

    In fact, Lawrence understands delicates so well that we are often requested to test samples for fashion and textile designers.

    Our machines have a 20kg capacity, most larger evening gowns will fill this machine entirely because of the bulkiness of the garment. We process all gowns individually preventing any entanglements caused by garments coming into contact with each other. After cleaning they are inspected once again. If any further stains are found, our team may then need to do a second clean or wet washing process, depending on the suitability of the fabric.

    After a second clean, it is inspected again to make sure that everything is perfect. If it is found that the stain has still not come out, we then contact the customer and advise them of the problem. We may suggest that we can use an alternative, more invasive method but this can come with a risk. We proceed only after we receive an email confirmation from the customer advising us to go ahead.

    Once everything passes our stringent quality control methods, the item is then sent to our pressing team. All items are steam pressed by our experts. The whole cleaning and pressing process can take several days to several weeks depending on time availability as we can spend many hours pressing and hand finishing the garment.

    If there are any minor repairs that we can provide onsite, we will make sure that these are attended to before you pick up the dress.