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Ski Wear, Sportswear & Workwear Dry Cleaning Specialists

Cleaning Ski Wear and Sportswear is important because they gather dirt and grime easily. Outdoor clothing takes a beating from the environment causing reduced flexibility and fabric fade. Whether it is hot beaches or snow slopes, sportswear and skiwear can be easily damaged, which is why it is so important to have specialty fabrics cleaned by dry cleaning specialists.
The type of skiwear, sportswear and workwear that require specialty washing procedures ranges far and wide, and can include a variety of garments. With so many dry cleaning specialists in Sydney and the surrounding areas, finding the right dry cleaner that is willing to go through the extra effort to make sure your garments are cared for effectively can become quite a challenge. Cleaning these expensive garments for Lawrence Dry Cleaners is accessible, efficient, and affordable.

So it’s time to re-proof your skiwear. If your ski wear is absorbing water then it is time to reproof the garments. We will always need to wash the garments before re-proofing. We will clean the ski wear in a particular wash for technical outerwear. You should never clean your ski wear in regular washing detergents as these can damage the fabric.

The cleaning process will usually involve re-proofing to ensure the garment remains stain free for longer whilst also keeping you dry from the snow or rain.

This process will begin in the washing machine by adding specialty cleaning solution that is designed to clean the garment without damaging the original outer layer. After the wash cycle, a water repellent will be applied, please note that this type of treatment should only be used in the hands of experts. Lawrence Dry Cleaners take care of this part. Afterwards, depending on the specifications of the item for drying, it will either be tumbled dry or hung to dry. Once the process is completed, the customer can pick up their favourite skiwear or sportswear and head back to the beach, mountains, or work where they can continue to look and feel great.

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Specialty Industrial Workwear

Lawrence Dry Cleaners uses only the most effective cleaning techniques to ensure every outdoor enthusiast is satisfied with their clothing. However, it is not just skiwear and sportswear that’s easily prone to odour and damage. Workwear is regularly worn, sometimes on a daily basis, and should be treated by dry cleaning professionals also. Lawrence Dry Cleaners use state of the art technology that’s 100% eco-friendly and healthy for the environment to remove those unwanted stains and smells.
At our large processing plant in Waterloo we have the capacity to process large volumes of all heavy duty workwear garments for our specialty government and emergency services on a daily or weekly cycle. No job is too small or large for us, if you require further detail or pricing please contact us on 02 9319 6000.