Established in 1939, Lawrence Dry Cleaners is the largest, most trusted and experienced dry cleaning company in Sydney


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30 Retail Shops to Choose From and Growing!

Lawrence Dry Cleaners have been an Australian Institution for more than 80 years. Lawrence have grown to dominate the dry cleaning and laundry industry in Sydney and the name “Lawrence” has become synonymous with dry cleaning and laundry services including our fringe activities.

Lawrence is the name that comes to mind when people want not only a complete dry cleaning and laundry service, but did you know Lawrence also provides specialty hand finishing service, treatment of suede, leather and furs, wedding dresses, curtain and soft furnishings, even repairs and alterations are not a problem. If you want it cleaned you know that Lawrence can do it for you.

Want to see what opened in 2019


Castle Towers Brand New Retail Shop is Opened Dec 2019! 

Our Brand new store opened at Castle Towers Shopping Centre, you can find us at  6- 14  Castle Street Castle Hill NSW 2154.

Visit our new store which is located in Castle Towers next to Costi Fresh Fish shop. We look forward to seeing you !!


We take Care of our Environment!

Lawrence processes all garments using the finest processing techniques. Our laundering procedures promote longevity for the life of each garment, while maintaining its integrity and quality.

Many fabrics, including wools, polyesters and silks cannot be cleaned effectively by using a soap and water cleaning process. Manufacturers’ care labels recommend which method should be applied in each instance. 

Lawrence uses only the best clean/green solutions to minimise any negative environmental impacts from our day to day operations.


Quality and value for money is first and foremost!

Our quality control staff monitor all items that leave our plant, ensuring every item passes our highest quality standards consistently. At Lawrence our laundry service experience brings to our work an understanding of world class processes combined with our commitment to quality and value for money.


Specialty Services Provided!

Lawrence has sourced some of the best seamstresses in Sydney and prides itself in providing quality repairs and alteration services to its customer base. As part of this service we can provide any repairs to all fabric, leathers, suede etc.

During the processing of our clients garments our quality control staff inspect all items for overall quality, including wear and tear or minor repairs, zipper replacements, falling hems and missing buttons.

We advise our customers that we can repair these items before pick up, this is a part of our value add service. We also provide custom alterations should this service be required.