Guest Valet & Staff Uniform Dry Cleaning

Our facility in Sydney is one of the largest in Australia for Guest Valet & Staff Uniform cleaning.

At Lawrence, we recognize that hotel guests have rapidly changing needs, so we go out of our way 24/7 to address dynamic hotel and guest requirements.

We provide a first class laundry services for both the Guest and Hotel staff garments.New Hotel Staff

If required by your hotel for a 5-star presentation, we can provide high-quality valet presentation boxes with acid-free tissue paper for your guests’ smaller items. We return all hanging garments in either eco-friendly plastic bags or our very smart zipped garment bags.

We process all garments using the finest processing techniques, our laundering procedures promote longevity for the life of each garment, while maintaining its integrity and quality. We source only the best cleaning agents and dispensing equipment from the most highly recognized companies in the industry.

During the processing of our garments our quality control staff inspect all items for overall quality including wear and tear repairs (WTR), zipper replacements, falling hem and missing buttons. We advise our customers that we can correct these items before pick up. We also provide custom alterations on request.

During the staff uniform cleaning process and to identify all uniforms, we tag them with an RFID chip as standard practice. This forms part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring ease of service for both the hotel and our laundry process.

Lawrence has provided uniform laundry services to the Star Casino and its 4 & 5-star hotels since its opening in Sydney 22 years ago. Our services incorporate the commercial dry cleaning of thousands of staff uniforms/chef’s uniforms and general workwear garments.

Additional services for this client include the ongoing stock management of their new uniforms which encompass approximately 11,000.00 garments.

We also specialise in the following:

Workwear Garments
Specialty Garments
Designer Fashion Labels (Hand Finish)
Theatrical Wear
Cruise Liner In Port Fabric Cleaning

Sporting Gear For Both Local And Overseas
(MBL) Teams
Thermal & Ski Wear


At Lawrence, our laundry service experience brings to our work an understanding of world class processes combined with our commitment to quality and value for money. Our quality control staff monitor all items that leave our plant, ensuring every piece passes our highest quality standards consistently.
Lawrence Dry CleanersLawrence uses only the best clean/green solutions to minimise any negative environmental impacts from our day to day operations.

By using Lawrence Dry Cleaners your company and you as an individual can reduce your carbon footprint.