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Smoke enters your building or home and the first thing it does is adheres to the fibres within your soft furnishings, curtains etc.

Has the smoke from a fire affected your belongings

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At Lawrence, we believe that being affiliated with the DIA is to be recognised and rewarded for excellence within the industry. For us, this is an important part of being a member as it adds value and prestige to our business



We can come to your home or building and asses how much smoke has penetrated the fibres. If necessary, we can then take down the curtains, clean them and rehang at your convenience. It’s a simple as that

Soft furnishing


If you have cushions, pillows duvets and blankets that have been exposed to the smoke damage we can dry clean these for you. 



When smoke attacks the fibres within your garments these may take hold and will only be smoke free with dry cleaning. We have years of experience in this area especially when you have a fire within your home.

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Lawrence Dry Cleaners has been and Australian Institution for more than 80 years. Lawrence have grown to dominate the dry cleaning and laundry industry in Sydney and the name “Lawrence” has become synonymous with dry cleaning and laundry services including our fringe activities.

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Lawrence is the name that comes to mind when people not only want a complete dry cleaning and laundry service, but did you know that Lawrence provides specialty treatment of suede, leather and furs, wedding dresses, curtain and soft furnishings, even repairs & alterations are not a problem.

cleaning charges

Once we are on site we can inspect to see how much the smoke has penetrated your items, then provide you with an estimation of the cost. If you have an insurance claim we can send this onto your insurance company on your behalf.

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Give us a call and we can come and inspect and collect any smoke damage items. Once cleaned and inspected we will return these to your home and rehang any curtains we may have taken down.

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