Hotel Delivery and Collection Services

Lawrence owns its fleet of trucks and vans allowing us to provide fast continuous turnaround delivery service all year round if required.

We provide an efficient 24-hour turnaround service Monday – Saturday or as required by the hotel.

Lawrence collects and delivers your linen requirements in our heavy duty plastic trolleys, small tubs or laundry bags; whichever is more convenient to your property. Prior to beginning the laundry service, all your needs including turnaround times are agreed between the hotel and the laundry – we can also provide an 8-hour turn around on linen if you are at capacity and need a total room changeover unplanned.

We have installed a GPS tracking system to our comprehensive fleet. This system provides us with control over our fleet operations and allows us to improve our business performance. On time delivery is as important to us as it is to you, so we ensure that our vehicles are on time, from the first delivery to the last delivery every day of the week. We can provide information on delivery and pick up times for your property on any given day.

Delivery Service Days

As we are located close to the CBD, we can maintain close contact with our clients while providing fast turnaround times should additional items or service be required.

In some instances (COG) customers have stock shortages and need a seven-day delivery schedule. We can accommodate this request as our plant delivers on Sundays & Public Holidays for urgent specialty linen or towelling express delivery requirements.

Dry Cleaning deliveries are available seven days a week; some additional surcharges may be applicable for Express or Overnight service for Guest Valet garments.