Curtain And Blind Requests

Curtain & Blind Requests

Free Take Down and Re-Hang Service


You can call us on 1800 283 332 or Request a Quote via the button below, and we will contact you to organise your free take down & re-hang service.


Pay OnlineRequest A Quote

     Call our hotline 1800 283 332 to pre-book a quote for a take down and re-hang service.
  • One of our team will come to your premises and assess the work that is required.
  • Alternatively we can pick up your items if you have already taken them down and placed them into a bag.
  • Our team will inspect the curtains or blinds before cleaning, any additional work, such as new backing or restitching of hemming will be advised to the customer prior to any work being carried out.
  • A delivery day and time will be arranged on the day of pick up.
  • Our team member will inspect your items with you when they are returned to you. Please pay by direct debit or credit card online or over the phone.

PLEASE CALL 1800 283 332

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