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Commercial Dry Cleaning

Lawrence Dry Cleaners offer comprehensive industrial Uniform Dry Cleaning for Government Departments & Services such as Fire Brigade, SES, Police etc for all uniforms including their heavy duty garments and items.

Our facility in Sydney is one of the largest in Australia for Guest Valet & Staff uniform dry cleaning. We also specialise in:

Workwear Garments
Specialty Garments
Designer Fashion Labels (Hand Finish)
Theatrical Wear
Cruise Liner In Port Fabric Cleaning


Sporting Gear For Both Local And Overseas
(MBL) Teams
Thermal & Ski Wear
Airline Staff Uniforms


We take pride in the finest processing techniques; our Commercial Dry Cleaning procedures prolong the life of your garments while maintaining their integrity and quality. Many industrial fabrics are coated with fire retardant protection. These items along with other commercial fabrics should be cleaned in specialty equipment by experienced staff. Lawrence can clean your valuable items to remove any oils or grease while avoiding shrinkage or any other damage to your garments, bringing them back to new again.

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Guest Valet Dry Cleaning

Lawrence provides Guest Valet Dry Cleaning Services to leading hotel brands in the Sydney CBD and metro area, and we guarantee the highest quality service & on-time delivery for your guests. Our quality control staff inspect all garments that leave our plant, making sure that every piece passes our highest standards consistently. During the processing of our garments, our quality control staff inspect all items for overall quality including wear and tear repairs (WTR), zipper replacements, falling hem and missing buttons. We advise our customers that we can improve these items before pick up to ensure the garments are ready to wear. We can also provide custom alterations when requested.

 Staff Uniform Dry Cleaning

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Staff Uniform Dry Cleaning: Lawrence’s industry experience means we can manage every type of garment: including specialty costumes, leathers, suede, silk. We understand the importance of your team always looking their best and reflecting a professional brand image.

To provide peace of mind to our customers, tagging of all staff uniforms with RFID chips is standard practice. This forms part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring all garments are traceable for ease of service for both the hotel and our laundry process.

Lawrence is committed to making your organisation look good by applying our specialty hand finish services where necessary. We aim to please our customers by maintaining efficient and talented teams, who work hard to ensure your wardrobe department receive all their garments in full and on time. We can guarantee this, as we our own fleet which means they are always on standby should there be an urgent request for pickup or delivery.